Rage Against the Rush Limbaugh

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rage against the limbaugh

In an article from Rolling Stone, Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machines is raging against Rush Limbaugh. Morello told Limbaugh:”‘Hey Jackass, stop using our music on your racist, misogynist, right wing clown show.” He also posted this message on Twitter.

Now we all know who Morello is voting for!

SOURCE: Rolling Stone Magazine


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A Review of the Presidential Candidates’ Social Media Usage

We live in a world where a Rebecca Black video spreads like wildfire throughout the web in a matter of hours. Where a new iPhone release event is followed by millions on live blogs. Where news can be tracked via twitter faster than any traditional news outlet can ever dream of.

So, how do President Obama and the Republican candidates compare when it comes to social media?

  Twitter followers Facebook likes Alexa web rank Klout score
Barack Obama 12,866,203 25,470,067 1,061 91
Mitt Romney 365,215 1,515,300 4,173 86
Rick Santorum 157,166 170,056 3,895 83
Newt Gingrich 1,445,794 292,752 7,928 83
Ron Paul 257,999 897,378 2,228 78

It should come as no surprise that the President dominates in all of our metrics. As President, Barack Obama simply has more exposure to social media.

What’s interesting though, is how Rick Santorum has been able to become the second place candidate despite having the worse overall showing in our chart. Newt Gingrich’s results are sort of a mixed bag–strong twitter presence, mediocre Facebook presence, and a weak Alexa web site ranking. Personally, I expected a stronger showing from Ron Paul, considering all of his vocal followers online.

What’s important though, is whether or not the candidates can translate their social media prowess to votes on election day. My bets are on Romney because he has a well diversified base of supporters, as well as the money and resources to ensure a unified message throughout all communication channels. I think Ron Paul has a very interesting online presence–like I said earlier, Paul has some very energetic supporters. Yet, this doesn’t always show at the polls, which leads me to question the political clout of his supporter base. Which candidate do you think is most effective at energizing his online supporters to vote?

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Romney takes Ohio

Mitt Romney has been projected the winner in Ohio with 38% of the vote to Santorum’s 37%. While many analysts consider Romney to be the GOP candidate, we think Rick Santorum will keep fighting to stay in the race. Right now, Romney has much of the momentum, winning most of the moderate vote as well as the least decisive voters. It seems like most voters who aren’t sure who to vote for going into Super Tuesday ended up picking Romney over Santorum. Romney is seen as a safer choice and has a better chance of beating President Obama in November.

Santorum though, is holding out for all the conservative voters, who are currently splitting the vote between Santorum and Gingrich. For all the money Romney has spent in this race, he is still having a hard time convincing the far right that he is the right candidate for them. It should be interesting to see how much the tides change when Gingrich inevitable falls out of the race and his voters are left with one conservative to vote for.

Here’s how the candidates stand as of 9:55pm PST:



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Super Tuesday

It’s Super Tuesday today, and 10 states are up for grabs by the GOP presidential nominees. Here’s a breakdown of the results thus far:

Results 6:40pm

Rick Santorum is currently in the lead in Ohio, widely considered to be the crown of the night. A win for Romney would increase his momentum tremendously, especially with his three-state sweep last week. Although Romney lost Ohio in 2008, many voters view a vote for Santorum as a vote for Obama. Romney is the more viable candidate to many GOP voters, despite their concerns regarding his previous stance on health care and immigration. We will be updating again towards the end of the night with a recap of the results.


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March 6, 2012 · 6:39 PM

Funny Man Romney

In a recent debate, Mitt Romney decided to change up his usual routine and open it up with a joke.  The crowd responded very well and was actually laughing, to which Romney responded with a reference to the show Seinfeld: “When they’re applauding, stop.”  Although it was a gross  paraphrase of the actual line, at least he’s trying.  In the article below, the author comes up with 7 other Seinfeld references that are a way better fit for Romney, it’s good for a few laughs…

Which line fits Romney best?


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The Winners, Neutralists, and Losers

In an article written by Sahil Kapur the winners, neutralists, and losers of the payroll tax cut are discussed in detail.

Among the winners are Obama, DUH! The other major winners are middle class Americans and the unemployed.

The neutralists are the Republican Leaders, as they would have had mud thrown on them if they did not approve of the cut. In addition, they allowed this bill to pass because of the perks they were receiving such as health reform law cuts.

The losers are our Social Security trust fund, which seemsto be diminished every time we get a tax cut. As a student this pisses me off. Every time I work I pay into Social Security and to think these funds will be dried up by the time I am aged and need it seems ridiculously unfair. Most importantly we should remember that the people that are allowing this to happen are the people who are going to be dead by the time we need our social security.

Another interesting loser, that made me laugh a bit, are the welfare recipients that take out money at strip clubs and liquor stores. Who knew that this was even part of the bill? This idea may seem socially acceptable as none of us want to see that money wasted by these recipients.  The author of this article discusses that we have

no idea how much it will cost to implement. The first step would be to locate every liquor store and strip club throughout America. Next, the ATMs would have to be serviced or updated and changed, which may require technicians to go to all these locations. Who is going to pay for this? The owner of the ATM? NO WAY! He makes a profit off these people on welfare. The banks? Only if the government pays them to do so. But wait, where does their money come from? Oh yeah, you, me, and everyone we know. How much are we willing to pay for this bill to be implemented? While this idea appears wonderful at face value, we must look deeper at the consequences.

The question we ponder is will this help him to be reelected? Or, will people even understand that their tax money is being spent on this reform?

SOURCE: Talking Points Memo

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Wait aren’t those NBA All-Stars?

Now look at this no one would ever have thought that sports and politics would merge. But I guess in the 2012 elections anything is possible. According to NBA Greats Assist Obama in 2012 Campaign Fundraising written by Casey Gane-McCalla, “Vince Carter held a fundraiser for President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign in his mansion in Orlando, Florida.” Here players paid $30,000 just to attend the meeting and it hosted not just players such as Magic Johnson, Chris Paul and Alonzo Mourning. But had the NBA commissioner David Stern and Mark Cuban in attendance.


With having such big names in the mix how would this not set a bias for other voters who are currently in the predicament on who to vote for and the right reasons. I feel with campaigns such as these involving celebrities add a huge advantage not just, for their financial support but the demographic that, they reach and effect in the long run. Personally, I feel that politics should be separate from everything else mainly regarding the entertainment industry. But as the world becomes more digitalized and media becomes the main source of power people will always lean towards their heroes they see on the screen and take their word rather than doing the research themselves.

SOURCES: News One, USA Today



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